And the most popular food to order out in Connecticut is ...

December 20, 2019

What foods do people in Connecticut order out?

The number one food that gets delivered in Connecticut — at least according to Uber Eats — is … French fries.

Fried potato sticks were ordered 124,638 times on the meal delivery service in 2019, according to a release.

The next-most ordered food, a poke bowl, was ordered 26,307 times over the course of the year, followed by pad Thai, bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches and Lomo Saltado, a popular Peruvian beef dish.

Further down the list are mozzarella sticks, Buffalo wings, General Tso’s chicken, chicken tenders and egg and cheese sandwiches.

The list, compiled by Uber Eats, does not include deliveries from restaurants that offer their own delivery service.

With that caveat, Fairfield’s Garden Catering was the restaurant from with most locals ordered in the state using Uber Eats — 20,230 orders in 2019.

Cody’s diner in New Haven was a close second, with 19,521 orders in 2019, followed by the Dutchess restaurant in Norwalk, the Post Road Diner in Norwalk, Fairfield’s Andros Diner, Garden Catering in Stamford, Bear’s Smokehouse and Wood-N-Tap in Hartford, The Simple Greek in Norwalk and Frankie’s Diner in Bridgeport.

In total, Connecticut residents have made 7,258,533 orders on Uber Eats since it launched locally in August 2016, according to a release.

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